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Games for Birthday Parties.

10 Fun Things to Do with Balloons

  • Blow up the balloons and let them go: See who's goes the farthest?
  • Throw balloons as far as you can. Who wins?
  • Cross the room, tapping balloons with pencils.
  • Keep balloons up in the air while staying frozen in place.
  • Play basketball with balloons and a trash can.
  • Can two kids walk across the room with a balloon wedged between them?
  • The player who is it throws a balloon up in the air. How many kids can she tag before the balloon touches the ground?
  • Two kids stand back-to-back with a balloon wedged between them. Can they turn to the front keeping the balloon between them without using their hands?
  • Race to the other side of the room patting or kicking (but not holding) the balloon. Who is the fastest?
  • Head outside and tie a balloon to everyone’s ankle with a string. Can the kids protect their own balloons while trying to stomp on (and burst) the other players’ balloons?

Secret Word

Take turns choosing a secret word (it can be anything: pickles, cupcake, dog, hair…). Begin talking, substituting the word goober for your secret word. How long will you have to talk about the goober before the others figure out what it is?

Penny Catch

See if your child can master the Penny Catch. When she extends her right arm straight out (at shoulder height), place one or more pennies on the inside of her elbow. As she lets her arm drop quickly down to her side, how many pennies can she catch in her right hand?

Shoe Toss

Have each child loosen the shoe on one foot and remove the heel so that the shoe is dangling on the toes. At the count of three, everyone kicks off his or her shoe and sees whose goes the farthest.

Got Your Tail

Give every player a toilet paper tail. Gently tuck a piece of toilet paper into everyone’s back pocket. It should be just long enough to brush the ground. Decide who will be it. The person who’s it tries to pull off the other players’ tails. Once someone’s tail is pulled off, he joins the one who’s it and tries to pull off others’ tails.

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