Travel Fee Rates 

Giggle Time is located in S/W London, Ontario, Canada.
If the location of your event is located - within a 25km drive (one way) or 50km round trip (both ways) there will be NO travel fee charged.

Should you be located further than a 25km drive (one way) or 50 km (both ways), a travel fee will apply. We calculate the number of kilometers to and from your event from our point of business, through Google Maps.  You will receive 50 km at NO charge.

Why Charge Travel Fees?

Due to the nature of our business we are almost always required to travel to the location of an event.  Although Giggle Time is happy to provide you with this service, it does create additional liabilities.  Not only do we have expenses for gas, additional car insurance and maintenance fees, we also spend a lot of time on the road.  Our time is precious and if an event takes place 100 km from our Business location, we can easily spend 2 hours driving to get to and back from the event.  It means that during this time we cannot get booked for another event, nor can we spend it in any other way.  The travel fee compensates us for this as well as it covers the previously mentioned additional costs.